Thank you for helping me articulate my experiences and intentions on my application to medical school. You took a mundane draft and totally turned it around. I am so grateful for all of your input and encouragement. I can't wait to work with you again when I am applying for residency. Thank you, Essaytopia!
Admitted to Duke University School of Medicine

My editor did a tremendous job of fine tuning my essay. When I approached Essaytopia, all I had was a rough draft that was over 5,000 words. I needed a lot of help organizing my thoughts, sprucing up the vocabulary and drastically cutting the word count down. Essaytopia really turned my essay around.
Admitted to London Business School

Thanks to you, I realized that b-school applications were all about about selling myself. You helped me work toward discovering aspects about me that needed to be included in my essays, helped me talk them up, and turned them into selling points with your super-sharp editing. Thank you for transforming my barely-readable essays into works of high literary quality! I am looking forward to Booth in the fall.
Admitted to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Essaytopia took my writing to new heights and made all the difference in my Harvard application package. Last year, I used a "well-known" brand name editor for my Harvard and Wharton applications, and was dejected by rejections. The editors at Essaytopia provided key insights that lent depth to my essays. They provided fresh perspectives, added that extra punch and repeatedly edited my drafts till everything looked perfect. I can't thank them enough for my application success during a fiercely competitive year.
Accepted to Harvard Business School

Essaytopia offered exactly what I was seeking in an essay service: a highly personalized approach, a powerful track record and deep insight into my target schools. Throughout the process, they made me feel like I was their top priority. I couldn’t have made it to my top choice MBA school without them.
Admitted to The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Not only did my Essaytopia editor invest plenty of time to articulate my story in a way that made it come alive, but she went the extra mile and gave me honest feedback at every step, pushing me to bring additional facets into my essays that made a huge difference. I can't thank them enough.
Admitted to the University of Texas at Austin

Essaytopia was unbelievably flexible and timely in all their interactions. Their revisions to my essays played a big role getting me into all four schools I applied to.
Admitted to the University of Maryland, College Park

It has been a tremendously satisfying experience, working with Essaytopia during my application process for a full-time MBA at Kellogg . Getting into Kellogg has been a long-cherished dream and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without the fabulous team at essaytopia. I highly recommend them to anyone applying to Kellogg due to their in-depth knowledge about the school.
Admitted to Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

My editor was a magician. She breathed life into my essays, transforming even the even the most dry accomplishments into intriguing anecdotes on paper. I couldn't have ended up at my top choice law school without Essaytopia's support.
Admitted to NYU School of Law

The only word I have is "Wow." I can't imagine how you turned my essays around in such short time. THANK YOU!
Admitted to Columbia University, New York

I can't thank you enough for all your help. You were instrumental in getting me admitted to the full-time MBA program at Harvard. As an icing on the cake, I even got a fellowship of $35,0000! I’ll be living my dream at HBS this fall because of an incredible Essaytopia editor's commitment.
Admitted to Harvard Business School

I wanted to let you know that I got into Princeton! My Essaytopia consultant was simply awesome to work with from beginning to end.Not only did she provide strong feedback at every stage of the process, but she also kept me focused, organized, and motivated throughout the process. You guys made all the difference in my Princeton application.
Accepted to Princeton University, Undergraduate College

When I started writing essays for the electrical engineering program at UIUC--my top choice grad school-- I was drowning under too much information. After my first "live chat" with an Essaytopia editor, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I knew how I wanted to respond to the essay questions, but she helped me develop an interesting "voice" to tell my story and reworked my sentences in ways I could have never imagined. Thank you for all the help and patience you’ve had with me on all of the essay revisions.
Accepted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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