What is Essaytopia?


Essaytopia is a boutique admissions essay editing firm.

What does Essaytopia offer?

Essaytopia’s mission is to help you write impactful admission essays that will open the door to your dream school.

Whether you’re applying to a 4-year undergraduate college, graduate school, law school, medical school or an MBA program—your essay can be the tipping point.

If you have strong grades and immaculate test scores, your essay will distinguish you from the other top achievers. If your grades or work experience aren’t your best assets, your essay is a great opportunity to boost the strength of your application.

The truth is: A good essay can turn a “no” or a “maybe” into a “Yes.”

You can rely on Essaytopia’s highly qualified editors and admissions consultants to make your essays more powerful, concise and effective. Count on our admissions consultants to act as mentors throughout your application process, providing key insight and advice to elevate your application essays into powerful branding tools . Our incisive editors will review your application essays with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring structure, style, and grammatical accuracy. They will offer strategic suggestions about the organization and content of your essay, make deep edits, and rewrite entire sections if needed. Together, our consultants and editors will help you weave a story that resonates with the admissions committee of your dream school .

Over the past decade, Essaytopia’s clients have been accepted at the world’s top business, law, medical and undergraduate programs.

Do you know what appeals to admissions committees at MY dream school?

We know what universities are looking for, from our experience on both sides of the application process. Supported by our veteran admissions consultants throughout the process, your dedicated essay editor will provide strategic advice on how to create an application essay that will optimize your chances of getting into the school of your choice.

“Who” Is Essaytopia ?

Essaytopia’s founder, Radhika Mitra has been consulting clients on the university application process since 2000. As CEO of a boutique corporate communications firm, she has decades of experience in developing and articulating leadership messages for global businesses and high-profile private clients. She is a published journalist, prolific speechwriter (former clients include Microsoft chieftains Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, and cycling ace Lance Armstrong), and creator of branding materials.

Through her career in marketing communications, Radhika recognized the fundamental similarities between corporate marketing and admissions strategy. She founded Essaytopia to combine her passion for strategic storytelling with a keen vision to provide personalized and finely tuned admissions consulting to aspiring college and graduate students. Having lived and worked on three continents, Radhika frequently travels the globe, talking university aspirants, giving presentations and holding workshops and training sessions. A hands-on leader, she also holds the final pen on every single essay that bears the Essaytopia stamp.

Who is a typical Essaytopia consultant ?

Every single person on the Essaytopia team is a specialist. Our consultants and editors are published writers, admissions counselors, savvy strategists and veteran marketers.

One Essaytopia consultant might have an MBA from Harvard and Big Four consulting background. Yet another might be a board-certified, practicing emergency physician. Some may have served on an elite business or law school admissions committee. All our editors are published writers, journalists and content strategists. We limit the number of clients per consultant to ensure that each client receives a high level of personal service.

How does this work exactly?

Every step of the editing process will be deeply collaborative. Our editors will discuss your essays with you via email, online chats and if needed, Skype. There is no limit to the amount of time we will devote to improving your application essays—brainstorming, outlining, editing, revising and re-working each draft until we produce an essay that is a unique, creative, and compelling. We are perfectionists.

Our goal is to help you get accepted to the university or program of your choice. To see you cross the finish line. To that end, we know you need more than an impeccable essay. Count on us for holistic support on the entire lifecycle of the admissions process: resumes, recommendation letters, application troubleshooting, scholarship counselling and much more. To learn more about the process, choose your program:


Why choose Essaytopia?

We Have the Best Editors in the Business

There is no room for mediocrity on Essaytopia’s team of editors. All our consultants are alumni of Ivy League and top-tier US universities, with top-notch work credentials to boot. Each editor is an ace wordsmith with highly impressive professional writing credentials. Many of them have specialized admissions office experience. We understand how the gatekeepers think –and empower each client with this expertise.

We Redefine Personalization

At Essaytopia, we pride ourselves on the highest degree of personal interaction. We accept a limited number of potential clients every season in order to ensure that each application receives undivided attention. 
When you work with us, you enter a partnership that is dedicated to your success at every stage of the application process.

We Get Results

EVERY SINGLE EssayTopia customer to date has been satisfied with our efforts. Last year, more than 90 percent of our customers were admitted to their top choice school.

We Go The Distance

You can certainly count on us to polish your essays till they gleam. But that’s hardly the ONLY way we can make your application process less stressful and more successful. Essaytopia provides several layers of holistic support, drawing on a wealth of resources to craft winning application packages. From one-to-one counseling sessions, information about niche financial aid and scholarship opportunities, advice for improving interviewing skills and regular online chats to facilitating interaction with alumni from your target school—we offer a holistic approach to help you navigate the stressful admissions landscape.

We Tap Into Alumni Connections

Essaytopia leverages a strong alumni network to bring you school-specific insights. Would you like to have your essay reviewed by someone who attended your target school? Do you have a complex question best answered by an alumni of your dream college? Care to participate in one of our highly sought-after online chat sessions with alumni of Ivy League colleges and top-tier MBA programs? We work closely with alumni from top schools. Our counsellors are constantly coming up with new ways to put their collective expertise to work for you.

We Are Truly International

We aren’t intimidated by geography. We have helped clients from more than 30 countries pursue their academic goals in universities and programs in the United States. We have our finger on the pulse of the international admissions scene. In past years, our admissions consultants have frequently alerted international applicants to niche scholarships and specialized programs well-suited to their admissions profile.

We Value Ethics

Hundreds of online essay factories promise to write your admissions essay for you. We don’t do that. Essaytopia is not an essay mill. We do not write standarized essays for our clients that they can pass off as their own work. That’s unethical.

Instead, our team of dedicated professionals–expert wordsmiths and experienced admissions counsellors—will help you create the best possible essay for your application. Our editors will hone your ideas, polish your words, fine-tune your voice and offer the a highly personalized critique tailored to your individual essay. Our admissions consultants will act as mentors throughout your application process, sharing strategies to elevate your application essays into powerful branding tools .
You remain the author of your essay. The ideas are yours. The finished essay is always a compelling reflection of your unique personality.

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